10 steps to fascism – where do you stand?

All over the world mainstream journalists are finally being woken up to what is really going on in the world. You may have seen recently that TV anchor Lou Dobbs woke up to 911 as an inside job. Now others are also waking up to the serious reality of what is transpiring. I

recently listened to an Interview with New York Times journalist Naomi Wolf whom some of you may know and she has also recently been woken to the stark reality even though she had already written from a standpoint outside the “head in the sand brigade”

She recently wrote a book called “The End Of America” which has just been made into a film and is FREE to download from the internet at



She also has a new book out called “Give Me Liberty” in which she outlines 55 action steps to take back control of the country. From the people who are hell bent on integrating the world economy into a global tyranny using depression and bloody revolt suppression of the people.

Her website is www.naomiwolf.com

In this interview Naomi picked up on the topic of the rise of fascism over the centuries and how it always follows the same pattern of behaviour. The following ten steps are the accepted “ten steps to fascism” if you will


Dictatorial steps to close down an open society

1 Invoke a terrifying internal mass extermination threat (often a real one)

2 Create a prison system outside the rule of law where torture takes place

3 Develop a paramilitary force not answerable to the people

4 Create a surveillance apparatus aimed at ordinary citizens

5 Start to infiltrate and harass citizens groups

6 Start to target key individuals

7 Start to arbitrarily detain and release citizens

8 Start to create legislation to expand scope of “terrorism” “traitor” or “spy” so that ordinary citizens get criminalised

9 Restrictions on the press and arrests of journalists

10 The first rule of law to make it easier to declare martial law


Now at what stage do you believe your country is currently?


Well let’s look at America then

1Al Queda (CIA / MI6)

– Embassy bombings (Rebuild contract given to Bin Laden family)

– 911 (Neo-con inside job, “New Pearl Harbour” as required by 2000 PNAC reprt)

– Anthrax letter scares (another well times scare tactic by Neo-cons. Patsy suicided when proof not forthcoming)

– Weapons of Mass destruction (These were all supplied to Iraq in the 1980s by the USA but they were all used on the Kurds in early 1990s and US said nothing then)

– Terrorists (CIA / MI6 assets)


2Guantanamo Bay, Abu Graib, Rendition flights


3Blackwater are being used with police all over the country

– Foreign nationals now make up a third of the various forces at home

– Criminal are being recruited in as a way of getting off a sentence (New Model Army)


4Patriot Act,

– Homeland Security spot checks

– Reading e-mail, tapping phones,

– Integrated camera network with facial recognition software and number plate reader,

– CCTV on every corner.

– Traceable RFI
D chip in passports and Licences. New national ID card due


5Official disinformation spreaders are all over the internet trying to discredit dissenting voices with clones or accusing them of being insiders, spamming email, placing propaganda all over these mainstream web pages and services

– Corporate controlled media will only push the official story and tries to ridicule dissenters, mainly they will not even give dissenters a voice


6Mainstream dissenters painted as cranks and sidelined,

– Witnesses in 911 die mysteriously (Barry Jennings for one)

– Anthrax patsy suicided before his trial (Dr Ivins was innocent and it wouldn’t stick in court)

– Heros killed for political gain (Football star Pat Tilman shot by own men when support for war and Bush hit low before election. Public ceremonies followed)

– Broadcasters and writers of truth given death threats and cloned on the internet.to discredit them (this is in the Army Field Manual)


7Mass arbitrary arrests at DNC and RNC and peaceful Investigate 911 demonstrations

– Homeland Security watchlist currently growing by 20,000 per month based on warrantless detentions

– Officers beating protesters are heard shouting at the man on the floor “you are violating my constitutional rights” while they administer the beating (psychological warfare)

– Police rolling out new allegedly non-lethal weaponry including Microwave guns that heat up your skin.. Mass tazers. Both of which can kill and have been used on people protesting that they were illegally taken off the voting register


8Homeland security,

– Patriot Act,

– Preidential directives, 20 and 51

– Defence authorisation act 2007

– all given power to determine at will any act as potential terrorist threat including protesting

– Also in 2003 a law bill in Oregon (senator menace) and Rhode island (in providence journal and NBC) proposed.” If you criticize the government you can be arrested and imprisoned for life in work brigade”. It narrowly failed to get through


9Yesterdays arrest of CBS camera man for filming a protest march in Newark. Journalist Amy Goodman arrested at RNC and charged under state terrorism law for standing the wrong side of an invisible line. Reporters stories being pulled from the airways by CEOs of media companies

– Increasing amount of government information is “classified”

– No evidence of terrorism ever given (Bin Laden, WMDs)

– Evidence of events withheld (Pentagon cameras, autopsiy reports)


10Already on high emergency status for 7 years.

– Martial Law can be declared for any event Bush deems including economic problems

– Martial Law already has been threatened in Bail out debate in congress.

– Ist infantry battalion on home soil trained in civilian control contravening the 1878 Posse Comitatus law.

– Other battalions have been secretly staioned since 1984 (Marines undercover with police in Virginia)

– Other units than the !st Infantry have been stationed in USA since 2000 but never admitted according to the Army Times

– Declassified documents 1986 to 1997 prove army run camps with Americans in them exist already in secret army bases to take federal prisoners. 12 initially in 1986 then 24 in 1997 including work brigades to train army to control them

– FEMA camps now built all over America,

– Purchase order made in 2002 for Civilian Inmate labour Camp Program

– Troops posted at events.nationwide, IE sports events searching bags and they will be out for elections too




Now which step do you think your country is at ?

Poll below


You may wish to find and watch these films on Google

Police state 2000

Police state 2 the takeover

Police state 3 total enslavement


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  1. Bunny Boo Says:

    Sorry, it’s hard to comment when your head’s stuck in the sand. I just keep thinking about bunnies. Seems to be working so far. x

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