Signs that the sickness is worsening

This first video is from the blast regarding the police’s response to a peaceful protest in Miami around a free trade agreement.

As you can see the police presence is outrageously intimidating and heavy handed. This is only one example. I have seen hundreds of cases like this (the DNC and RNC to name but two) to prompt me into blogging this. This one however is one of the most illuminating of the problem I am trying to show.

What disturbs me most about this is the trend that has been escalated over the last decade in policing. The police used to “protect and Serve” the PEOPLE. Now they seem only to protect and serve the ELITE MASTERS. The PEOPLE somehow seem to have become the ENEMY !

People are being HEARDED. People are being SILENCED for speaking out or protesting (like the little old lady ,in Blue’s Blast, in Denver who was removed from “public property”, fined and threatened with jail for holding a sign that said McCain=Bush). The tactics are wholly illegal and disregard any rights left. They are intimidatory and inhuman.

What is most shocking about this incident in the video is the inhumanity and complete detachment from reality of the police. They seem to have lost their sense of what is right and what is wrong. They have lost touch with civic society and who they are supposed to serve and protect and be a part of. They have a “them and us” attitude. They are like brainwashed dumbed down drones who “just follow orders” That excuse wasn’t acceptable in WW2 and it isn’t acceptable now.

What we are seeing here is a complete de-humanisation of the general public. We are now only seen as an obstacle or carbon units to be ordered and taxed by the powers that control if you please. The best example of de-humanisation I could find is this one where a victim of an assault is treated like an animal. This is quite disturbing to watch

How did the officers lose their sense of decency? They don’t seem to see how wrong this is anymore. What happened to the edict of treat others as you would be treated yourself?

I am posting this one to show you how even in the face of the most horrendous abuses by police officers they still close ranks and threaten and intimidate the press and public, reinforcing the them and us attitude.

Nobody is safe from this apparent loss of humanity in the police force. Even children are abused. Note how this officer (one of many like this I found) escalates this situation out of hand without a notion of how ridiculous this officer’s over-reaction is. The way it works is that they escalate it out of proportion then charge you with resisting or obstruction or battery. (This cop was found not guilty of charges associated with this incident by the way)

What it is however is something much more sinister. Note some of the comments made by passers-by seemingly approving of his actions and no-one intervenes. It is training the public to be obedient and afraid of the consequences if they aren’t. I will go into this at the end.

Just to reinforce the brainwashed drone mentality, ask yourself why the other 3 officers in this video seemed not to know the difference between right and wrong and step in and stop this officer pounding a man in a wheelchair

This one just shows the same lack of right and wrong these people posess. Keep laughing buddy I bet your mother is proud

Look I could show you a thousand of these but you get the picture. I am not tarring all with the same brush, there are still lots of decent men and women in the force but many are leaving in droves because of what is happening.

They are being replaced by morally retarded officers who do as they’re told regardless of whether it seems right or wrong to any reasonable person. These are the officers you should be very afraid of because these are the officers who will have no difficulty carting you off to one of the 600 to 800 detention camps now built around the country.

What we are actually seeing here with the ritual abuse of rights and the escalation of situations by police is a long term strategy to brainwash the public into submission. The fear that the police will escalate something and charge you with a multitude of things that need not have happened is supposed to put enough fear into you to make you OBEDIENT. This is the aim. When you are fearful and obedient you are easy to control. When you are like this you will not help anyone who is falsely arrested or abused by the authorities. This is the goal.

You are then subjected to a myriad of new laws and regulations on every aspect of your day to day life and you will be obedient even if the regulations are ridiculous like mandatory vaccines or mandatory chipping of people. This exercise in submission to authority is done in conjunction with media pushing the agenda and creating peer group disapproval if you don’t conform. Making you look like a threat if you are not willing to do what they want. Like making you look like a bad parent if you don’t let them give your child an unneccessary inoculation.

This last video is an example of how the media creates peer group disapproval to brainwash the viewers into seeing a victim as the criminal and thus justifying the excessive criminal actions of the authorities (note that none of the comentators witnessed the incident) and thus adherence to constant interference and micro-management of your everyday life by regulation and their enforcers

This is not just my opinion, I have read much on this subject going back a hundred years, looking at the origins of this change and the psychology, the reports and the long term plan behind it. I will blog again on the root of this plan and how far up it goes


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