Uncertain future for USA

I have spoken before on the possibility of there being no election in the US this year. Well it might yet go ahead but if it does then there is a problem brewing that could lead to the same state of affairs, ie the continuing reign of King George

Should either McCain or Obama win there is a problem. Neither of them has proved beyond a doubt they are even eligible to stand for president by virtue of citizenship.

As far as I have read, McCain has said he was born on a US base in Panama, however the base he said he was born on didn’t exist untill the year after he was born. Whereas Obama said he was born in a Hawaii hospital yet his sister said he was born in a different one. His Grandmother also said she was present at the birth in Kenya, so who is telling the truth there. Also he moved to Indonesia at 8 and would have had to change his citizenship just to go to school there. There is currently a case in court that the DNC are dragging out to the last day of every legal request to avoid producing original birth certificates and moving for dismissal on technicalities. Why not just produce it?

OK why does this matter as nobody seems to really care for a few technicalities and are supporting their candidates regardless?

Well it is simply that if neither of them are technically eligible to become President, then they are both compromised. In effect they are both in a position whereby they are susseptible to coersion by outside forces or lobby groups under threat of legal challenges to their legitimacy being made by third parties.

Secondly and more importantly, at any stage between now and January King George could instigate this himself for the same reasons and continue in power himself or offer power to Northcom.

Thirdly, at any stage in the next 4 years, any act signed into law by the new president is subject to revocation should the illegitimacy be proven

Therefore our two scenarios are more Georgie Boy or a President in name only doing the lobby groups’ bidding

Which is the worst of 2 evils?


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