Still Banging the Bin Laden Beat

Ok (videos dont work in my blog so I put the URL links above them for you)

I am posting this now because I am fed up to the back teeth of this Bin Laden crap. Both of the presidential candidates used him in the debates as if he was still the big bogey man. HE WAS NEVER THE BOGEY MAN ! and they both know it and later I will show you why. This makes them both liars and not worthy of your votes. You do realise there are 4 other candidates for the presidency, so ask yourself why the media makes it seem like there are only two? The two who lie to you all.! The reason is obvious. Both parties are simply two sides in the one shadow government agenda. Both paid for by the same people (eg the PACs) and the whole charade simply played out to give you the impression that you actually have a say who sits in that office.

I can’t believe this lie is still being used. When are you people going to wake up and smell the bullshit

OK a bit of background. Usama Bin Laden was a wealthy Saudi and CIA Asset codename Tim Osman. He was used to facilitate the financing, arming , training and organisation of the Mujahadin as well as other groups in Northern Afghanistan 20 years ago to fight the Russians during the occupation. Contrary to popular belief it has been recently confirmed that the Russians were actually provoked into the invasion by deliberate cross border attacks. Another simple ploy by the NWO to create a bogey man for them to create fear in the rest of the world to justify their militarization.

The US then allowed and funded the Taliban to take power. The only reason that relationship broke down was because the Taliban asked for a bigger cut from the Caspian oil pipeline being built through the country to the Pakistan border. Bin Laden disappeared off the public stage but continued to facilitate for the CIA the CIA / MI6 / Mossad’s so called “Muslim” terror gangs who would carry out acts on their behalf in the region.. These organisations have been doing this for a hundred years in the region so they are well entrenched and set up

The US are famous for their “Patsys” look what they did to Saddam, their man in Iraq, and to Lee Harvey (FBI mole in the CIA) Oswald and the amazing magic bullet. Or the poor sap of a scientist they falsely accused and then suicided for the anthrax letters. So why change the habit of a lifetime. I can’t tell you what they fell out with Osama about to use him or whether he just refused to used that way but they demonised him afterwards. He did on 3 occasions deny any involvement in the 9/11 attack. The mainstream media didn’t really push that though did they. Why? Didn’t they want to catch the real killers? Why would the head of the supposed “international muslim terror organisation” deny it if it was such a trophy incident.? It’s ridiculous to think he would. Well he did because he didn’t bloody do it.

I’m not going to do another 911 was an inside job blog because it’s so bloody obvious to anyone who does only an hour’s research, there is so much evidence it is a joke at this stage that these people aren’t in jail or hung. No this is just something to show you what liars our governments are about this non existent bogey man and the lengths they will go to and how bloody stupid they think you are. And they must be right because you are still voting for them, so you get exactly what you deserve. Well the rest of the world seems to know so why don’t you?

Look for heavens sake Bin Laden was treated in the American Hospital in Dubai for his dialysis in the months before 911. What more proof do you need?

Here goes then The first Bin Laden video was “found”, yes “found” just lying around in a House in Afghanistan. Wasn’t that a stroke of luck? Then broadcast by the US government on December 14th 2001, 8 weeks after the event.. Now how fortunate was that as a prelude to the invasion of Afghanistan where already they had the troops massed on the border for months after George Bush signed the authority to invade on September 10th !!!!

Funny thing though. The man in the video is clearly NOT Bin Laden. He has a completely different shaped nose and face, plus he is right handed when the real Bin Laden is left handed. This was the video they used showing him revelling in the success of the attack Look for yourself

He seems not to have wanted to take part in the scam any longer after the first two videos in the preceding times. Perhaps it was a step too far for him so they got a bad actor in. All face, voice and dialect tests have shown this is NOT Usama Bin Laden

There were a series of videos released in the years after 2001 but in all there was Usama repeating the same old statements, nothing new. When the internet community pointed out that they were just cut and pasted and re-mixed versions of the original two Usama videos and even the background was always the same, well what do you think happened. Well it was admitted that this was indeed true BUT more importantly the stories were NEVER retracted in the mainstream media.

These videos always seemed to come out when polls showed doubts in the official story or when George Bush looked like losing the election or when a report was due out not showing the government in a good light. Do you think that was just COINCIDENCE?

The icing on the cake and the final insult was the video released on the 6th Anniversary of 911 in 2007. This will kill you. It is the worst fake video you have ever seen. It isn’t even done with an actor. IT IS A CGI CARTOON !!! “Grand Theft Bin Laden”. It’s ludicrous, the body doesn’t move. The mouth only has a limited number of shapes. There is no sign of breathing. He looks 10 years younger. His beard is magically black again!!! How stupid do they think we are? Look for yourself

Now look at him move or not as the case may be

This came up just in time for the anniversar
y and to divert attention from another piece of Bush Legislation So what happened to the real Bin Laden? Well? Well I think it’s something else the Mainstream Media deliberately avoided publishing. This time it slipped out on the BBC and they said nothing. Listen carefully and you will find out, plus you will find out why Benazir Bhutto was killed, as many others are, for knowing too much. Also for threatening to close down the Pakistani as a safe haven for all the CIA/MI6/Mossad terror groups to operate from.

Why didn’t David Frost persue that line of questioning? Is he a dothery old fool? Did he just miss it? I don’t think so. He was not allowed otherwise we might find out the truth. Taliban officials even said they attended his funeral in 2002. Did your Mass media cover any of this? NO NO NO !!!

Now do you see the world you live in and the liars your leaders are? You are hypnotised if you still don’t see this. Everybody….. WAKE UP! Stop voting these criminals in NOW !

Well to put it all together in one piece of work watch this one and take note of some of the reasons and figures supplied

These two candidates are still using Bin Laden, and people still believe it. That is the shocking thing. WAKE UP, BEFORE YOU ALL END UP IN A CORPORATE FASCIST STATE RUN BY MURDEROUS CRIMINALS !


3 Responses to “Still Banging the Bin Laden Beat”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    See? They’re on to you.

  2. Door32 Says:

    That’s why I put the URLs in aswell to link in

  3. wind in eyes (unole aktohi) Says:

    For some reason none of the videos you have posted are showing up here.

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