This should make you really angry …. None of this was a surprise

Now the massive fraud is being unravelled by some people so please look at what is happenning closely. In a financial crisis in a country any leader would make a statement to give confidence to the markets and the people and investors like “we have a problem but don’t worry we have it under control and its business as usual” you know, something to stop everyone selling their shares.

But OH NO. Bush goes on TV and tells everyone that the country is going to implode and the economy crash if congress doesnt bail out his banking buddies with no strings. That is not the actions of a leader with the country as his priority. Those are the actions of a man with his and his friends greed in mind. Tell the country it’s impending doom and bingo the market slumps, everyone sells up and hey presto, Bush and his bankster buddies buy up everything at pennies on the dollar. And when it’s all over and the markets settle they make massive massive profits again.

Do you really think this was an accident? hahahaha

Now this has been done so many times before and the best one I can give you is the most famous one that started the fortune of the main player in this scam. The Rothschilds.nearly 200 years ago

It was during the Battle of Waterloo where the Duke of Wellington finally defeated Napoleon on 18th June 1815. The Rothschilds riders had right of passage to go unmolested by either side in the war as they were used to pass messages (it has been said they were in fact funding both sides of the war too).

However Nathan Rothschild’s brainchild was this. His riders were able to get back to London a good 12 hours before any other messengers. He had them come into him in the stock exchange and privately (in full view) tell him the news of how the battle was going. By his negative reactions each time a messenger came the rumour soon got about that Napoleon was winning and finally had won the battle and a massive sell off of stock happened that day. Rothschild however knew the truth and was secretly buying everything at knock down prices from the desperate sellers. When the news finally came in that Wellington had won, Rothschild became unfeasably rich overnight.

Now do you see how this works?

Well this current scam has been a long time in the making and unfortunately for you all it is about a lot more than money. Money they are bored with . Now they want absolute power

You are going to be so angry when you find out just how many of your politicians know about this and for how long. So read on

On March 13th 2008 there was an unprecedented request from the Republicans for a secret closed door meeting of the United States House of Representatives. This is only the 4th time this has happened in the 182 year history. House rule 17 demands that the members are sworn to secrecy to what takes place in such a meeting. However some members were so appalled by what they heard that they began to leak the contents of the meeting to independent press.

The mainstream media barely mentioned the meeting, noting only the item regarding the new surveillance measures that the government were going to use to watch every American citizen. The news of the real shocking issues disclosed in that secret meeting first came out in an Australian paper in Brisbain before they got back around this side of the world.

Those issues were

1 – The imminent collapse of the US economy sometime in late 2008

– so ask yourselves why were both Republicans and Democrats acting like this was a big surprise and why did they do nothing sooner? This has been known for years by both parties leaderships, it has been the ultimate goal after all

2 – The imminent collapse of US government finances in mid 2009

– obviously the bailout is not supposed to work, just a way of helping the bankrupsy along and enriching their buddies in the last shakedown

– remember when the Wall Street crashed again after the 700 billion deal wasn’t signed, and all the stocks were sold of in a rush…….. somebody was buying those stocks! I guarantee you it will turn out to be the 4 big names I gave in my last blog

3 – The possibility of Civil War inside the United States as a consequence of the collapse

– to prove just how long the powers behind this have known where it was heading you should note that for the last 10 years the rate at which precautions for such a scenario have been put into place have been quickened

– FEMA have built up to 800 detention (concentration) camps around the country upgrading old prisoner of war camps, Amtrack depots, bus depots, wharehouses, as well as 27 million sqft of unused Walmart property. Many new camps also. Some under FEMA, some Homeland security, some in private prison control. All are complete and manned but are so far empty

– Millions upon million of plastic coffins have been deposited at depots all over the USA each able to hold 3 to 4 bodies

– FEMA trains, double decker with no windows louvre vented walls, bench seats and manicles inside have been constructed and are laying in readiness in sidings coupled to low loader US Army train trucks (tank carriers)

– The police numbers have been hugely increased mainly from foriegn nationals as well as the Army taking in large numbers of illegal immigrants and ex cons. We are seeing the New Model Army re-created

– US Army battle troops returning from Iraq for use on the streets of the US against the US citizens started in October

4 – The advance round-up of “insurgent US citizens” likely to move against the government

– This is the much talked about “Red List” of people who will be picked up and taken to the camps at dead of night before the Martial Law is declared. These people are not likely to be seen again and include anyone who has made a visual or vocal or written stand against the authority of the government. This means any bloggers, journalists, polititians etc etc. (That would include me so nice knowing ya)

5 – The detention of those apprehended in the REX 84 camps constructed throughout the country

– See they admit they exist but like I say we won’t be seeing the Red listers again

– There will also be a “Blue List” of followers of the “Red Listers” who will be picked up in the weeks after martial law is in place.

6 – The possibility of public retailiation against the members of Congress for the collapses

7 – The location of safe facilities for members of Congress and their families during the period of massive civil unrest

– with the regular army now on home soil duties they will be required to dis-arm the public to prevent any chance of rebellion. Anyone who refuses will be sent to the REX 84 camps

– foriegn or UN troops will be used to carry out the martial law with most American troops, including the National Guard, fighting abroad. This way their will be no clash of concience about turning on their own people

8 – The neccessa
ry and unavoidable merger of the US with Canada and Mexico to form the North American Union in 2010

9 – The issuing of a new currency, the AMERO, for all 3 countries as an economic solution

– we all know at this stage that Bush already signed treaties with the 2 countries, without going through congress, to implement this plan and has already started land grabs and construction of the trans-continental super-highway which is being built and run by a large Spanish company


So this has obviously been the plan all along for the Banksters and the Neocons and has been known to both party’s leaderships for at least a decade or two. Also all the House representatives have been fully aware of these plans since March 2008. Yet not one of them thought it important enough to tell you voters that you are heading for a police dictatorship.

Ever since George Bush Senior we have been hearing these polititians talking about their NEW WORLD ORDER and now we have the makings of it and it is a them and us police/military dictatorship with the elite benefiting from all the wealth, health and technology, while the rest are there to serve them. Who else talks about it and is therefore part of the plot? Well I can personally remember Bill Clinton, G W Bush, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and yes I have even heard it said by both John McCain AND Barack Obama

I really think it is time everyone in America and Britain just wake the fuck up and stop voting these parties in. You could have had Ron Paul in the USA or even Ralph Nader, you still can!!! And in Britain you have the UK Independants. Why don’t you vote for them?

I hope you will all be ok in the USA and stand up to the tyranny. I hope the army gets back to side with the people and people who vocalise this over there are supported and protected


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