Witnesses being erased

So why has it taken a month for any information about the death of 53 year old Barry Jennings to finally hit the news and with no reason available for his death. Jennings was a key member of New York’s emergency response team on 911 who was for some reason left out of the loop when Giulliani mysteriously decided not to use his bombproof emergency bunker on the 23rd floor of WTC7 which was designed specifically for this purpose.

Why? Well because he was also a key witness to the explosions and dead bodies inside World Trade Centre Building 7 before it fell down for no apparent reason. All of his and his boss Mr Hess’s evidence was ignored by the 911 commission report who failed to even mention building 7. Also it was ignored by the NIST report which funny enough was due to be released 3 days after his death and the death of another key building 7 witness who was “suicided” just prior to Jennings.

This is the government at it’s worst. It is not the first time they have suicided witnesses to their cover-ups of their crimes and they are rightly scaring those who know the truth. Jennings’ family have been uncontactable for a month and the other witness (Hess) with Jennings has been bought off and changed his version of events.

If the government keep silencing witnesses like this the truth will never get out before the asbestosis kills around 50,000 New Yorkers from the demolition of the asbestos loaded towers. Who is going to be next?

Please everybody wake up and smell the coffee


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