The truth is finally coming out – mankind is waking up to the theatre he lives in. Finally the net (while we still have it free) is allowing the man in the street to see the reality of the world he lives in and make his decisions based on truth

More and more people like this are finding the courage to come out and stand up and be counted. No longer afraid of the threats to stay quiet. The pace is rising and more and more people are standing up and telling the truth.

There is a race against time though with the efforts at hand to stifle the media completely. So if you know anything get it out there now. This is very revealing

Dollar is fucked

Don’t worry about the Trillionaires though. They got out of the financial market before the crisis. Rode the phoney oil wave for a while. Then loaded their money in commodoties so they can overcharge us for the stockpiles of grain they bought cheap ahead of time and even charge for our food and water now. All while they watch the gold price soar as the currency is fucked, yet their stash get bigger, and they buy up all the crippled companies wallowoing in the pre-organised recession

Hang em high I say


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