Government insiders continue their move to destroy the freedom of speech

Internet censorship looms nearer ……. Time to speak out

All sorts of things are disappearing, well basically anything that damages the Neocons and the Trillionaire Media, Banking, Oil, Weapons and Political elite.

Videos showing 911 truth, acts of abuse by NATO or Israel, Videos implicating people in crime. It’s being removed to keep you all dumb to the criminal acts being perpetrated in your name and against you

Sites are being blocked from access, and this is only the beginning. Just wait till the Media groups take control of internet2. Then you will only see what they want you to see

Do something now, e-mail your representatives, bombard them, call them, mail them, confront them, before it is too late

Without the freedom of the internet their will be NO TRUTH, only the truth they want you to believe


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