While they had us all distracted with trivia, was any of this in the news?

Well the crazy behavior continues and it looks like the extremists in the governments are pushing their agenda hard now. I talked before about the possibility of Bush / Cheney creating some false flag terrorist act to hold onto power and set up a martial law system in the US. Well the net community has been all over the false flag possibilities and the chance of getting away with another one has semmingly weakened. Plus the people are now too hard to convince for a continuation of the “war on the non-existent terrorists”. So it looks like they have found a new way of pushing the agenda. Provoke WW3 with Russia.

Sometimes I wonder is the US being run by a group of people who see it as their role to bring about the Bible Prophecy of Armageden and play it out by the book to enact some kind of pre-destined change. The inclusion of Sarah Palin on McCain’s ticket would even bear this out as she belongs to a church group with those leanings that see Alaska as a place God will save. She will also be only a heartbeat away from the hot seat as McCain in his mid 70s with 4 bouts of cancer to date is not a healthy man.

Alternatively this madness is just the greed and utter disregard for human life of the elite trillionaires that run this world, pushing us into more conflict to enrich themselves from arms, oil, re-construction, rising prices of scarce commodities which they have all moved their money into before (and thus causing) the banking crisis we see now. Plus the side effect of war is of course massive population reduction through killing, starvation, disease. If you look into this deeper you will find out that people of this trillionaires club would prefer to see the worlds population vastly decreased. I have heard figures between 500,000 to 2,000,000 of a prefered population. Many have speculated that this is being achieved through vaccines, nutrient reduced foods, famine, water poisoning, perpetual war. The human race seems to be quite resiliant though so the nuclear option may be coming.

Wouldn’t any sane person like you or I not throw stones at the big kid’s house because we know we would get a kicking? So why are these Neocons in Poland, in Georgia, in Ukraine, in Azerbajan, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Czech Republic, in basically a circle around Russia against all current treaties with Russia. It’s an act of war and it is deliberate. We must ask ourselves WHY? Who benefits?

Well what’s the last throw of the dice of a government who has bankrupt the country, and believe me the US is bankrupt. Dollars are no longer being accepted in other countries. The last throw of the dice is WAR. It happens all trough history. Look at Thatcher and Falklands when she looked like losing the election, then swept back in on a tide of patriotism. Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, even the US entry into the last 2 world wars. All the same

Well I will not fight another phoney war for the rich elite. The common man needs to stand up on mass and say NO. You won’t make me and you won’t send my children to die for your game either. I only thank my lucky stars that my son was born in a neutral country. Well so long as we haven’t signed the Lisbon Treaty that is. Otherwise conscription would be the EUs option

Their media have kept everyone’s eye off the issue by bombarding us with wall to wall trivia and election nonsense. What we need is one of these media outlets to actually investigate thoroughly the money trail. Investigate who the big movers are in the markets that pre-empt these catastrophic events and somehow come out the other side of a credit crisis and a war even richer than before. Only then will you find the real criminals behind all this. Do you think they will? Yeah right!


2 Responses to “While they had us all distracted with trivia, was any of this in the news?”

  1. Bee Says:

    I don’t think Bush/Cheney expected America to ever wise up to their game of war profiteering.
    The next attempt at starting a war will not be the snap the occupation of Iraq was.
    The End Times is what Palin is counting on. Alaska will survive, so they believe, and will become a refuge for the survivors. Jesus Christ on a stick!!! Who do they think they are dealing with? We aren’t all braindead republicans here!
    All we can do is to keep shining a bright light on the culprits who desire to sell off America to the highest bidder, for now it is China.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Oh FECK!! I have my passport ready…

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