Internet 2 – The end of the uncontrolled free access net

The giant media corporations and governments who control the media from where you get your information and news, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines; are not happy that the news they feed you is being undermined by the internet. Many of their attempts to whitewash the news media with the story angle they want to get across to you in the last few years has been rubbished very quickly across the internet by sharp investigators. This is getting in the way of their plans for the world. We are not supposed to know the truth you see.

Don’t believe me? Well just look at the last few weeks in the middle east. Britain and America are determined to start this war with Iran now by hook or by crook. They concoct stories of suicide speedboats attacking battleships for fucks sake. They tell us lies in the news about Iranian threats, Iranian nuclear missiles. They even told us lies that are now so large they are folklore like the lie that the Iranian Prime Minister said Israel should be wiped from the map. He never ever said this if you bother to go check the REAL translation of his speach. But all the Euro and US media chose to run with it without checking it. WHY? We are seeing why NOW. Well Rupert Murdoch owns Reuters where most of the international news comes from so start there.

Example 2. Georgia the last two weeks. All the media in Euro and US again are still printing the Russians are empire building and the US administration are full on with the rhetoric and blaming the russians in the most hypocritical manner possible. When now the internet and some honest journalists have actually revealed the truth of what has been going on, The truth that the Georgians started this conflict by shelling the towns and by killing the Russian peacekeepers. There is more besides which some is revealed in the Ron Paul interview below and you can investigate further regards the one thousand israeli mercenaries yourselves. So even though this is out now, the mainstream media still refuse to cover it. WHY?

Why because the US and Europe and Israel have a plan. They have been steadily provoking Russia over the last few years with stirring up the former soviet republics like Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Georgia even has a puppet government held up with US dollars. How would USA react if Russia made friends with it’s neighbours and wanted to put missiles in Mexico, Canada, and Cuba like Nato is doing coaxing in these republics and now putting missiles in Poland. Oh hang on. We know exactly what they would do in Cuba dont we!!!!!!

The US and Europe needs the strategic control of Georgia, Iraq, and their neighbours to guarantee it’s control of the extraction of the oil in the Caspian Sea area it’s safe routing to Europe and the Hormuz ports. It also wants control ofAfghanistan and Iran to prevent the gas pipeline being built to India and China through Pakistan. The plan was agreed back in 1995 with Bhutto’s government took power, but since then the West’s involvement in Pakistan has caused Bhutto to twice be removed from power under false charges and then killed on her return. In the intervening time so much unrest was stirred up in the region of Pakistan that the pipeline was to be routed that the project still has not gone ahead. Until a few months back when it was finally agreed to restart the project after Bhutto’s party took power again despite her death. Well Europe wants Irans gas pipeline to go to them via Turkey, hence the need to control the countries north and west of Iran too. Go look it up on the web it is all there. But the media wont tell you about it will they. WHY?

Example 3. All this last 2 weeks we have had media reports about how the Chinese censor the internet. How terrible that is is all we hear. Their people should be free to see. Well hold on. Who is doing the censoring for China? Yes we are in the form of Yahoo and Google. Do you think they are the only ones doing it? Ha! The Georgians censored all Russian websites for the last month. Britain had censored all the associated websites with or and other sites that voiced an opinion that showed them as liars or complicit in acts against their own people or other nations. Google, Youtube and Yahoo are also censoring content to give a distorted view of public opinion. My God in the last 4 weeks I have even had questions deleted from Yahoo Answers just for asking about the use of depleted uranium bombs in Iraq. WHY????? Because they want to skew public perception and only allow you to see what they want you to see

WHY? Because the mass media is a government mouth piece. They only tell you what you are allowed to know. Only what they need to get your support and obedience. However the internet is blowing this illusion wide open. This is why they are bringing out “Internet 2”

The old internet, the one that is free to browse and you can find every different opinion on every different subject and so make up your own mind; is going to be destroyed and a new highly controlled (by corporations and governments) version will be put in it’s place. You will buy your access through media providers like your television package. Anything outside the sites they offer will cost extra and so will discourage people from looking anywhere other than where the governments and media companies want them to look. Hence you will only get their version of the truth.

Watch this video and see what you think, if it is a good idea for corporations and governments to control what you are allowed to see and know.

Ok Alex was very impassioned there, so for a calmer look at it read this

This is the final step in removing any hope you you had of finding out the truth behind the lies we are fed. If you are happy to live in ignorance then do nothing. Otherwise start spreading the word to everyone in your e-mail lists (while you still have one) and start boycotting the main providers implicated in the reported minutes of the Internet 2 meetings

Here’s an overview of where we are already. Granted America is a little further on but Europe wont be far behind. Britain is already the most surveilled country in the world

Do you see our police now. They look more like Stormtroopers or Robocops. They seem totally detatched from the people they are supposed to serve and instead do their masters’ bidding to control us. We have detention camps, we have the loss of the premise of “Innocent till proven guilty” in America and Europe. We have internment without access to legal process. What the fuck is going on that we are letting this happen. Our grandparents died in a war so we wouldn’t have Gestapo and SS and informers and thought police. Now we are rolling over and letting them die for nothing as we let it happen from within.

OK here’s the Ron Paul interview to bring you up to date with the world. Lots of points in this that you should follow up on

The media is bullshit, don’t believe a word of it. Find alternative sources of information different angles and viewpoints than your own government’s. Otherwise we are running headlong into Orwell’s nightmare where history gets rewritten weekly and old news gets changed or lost

When Iran kicks off there is a problem. There is a massive drop off in enlisted men. There will have to be a draft. No better man than McCain for that. Meanwhile the US continues to go bankrupt. The FED continues to print more money to inflate it’s way out, and so the dollar continues to plummet in value affecting the entire world economy. These bankers who run the Fed are not stupid. They know what will happen if this continues. They are all economists and financially astute. The only reason they would continue to print money and drive the US and World economies off the edge of the cliff is because they want it to happen. Why on earth would they not put on the brakes now if they didn’t. They know it can only end in massive world recession and what happens out of that? WAR!

Still. There’s always been good money to be made out of war hasn’t there

Anyway, I digress

Everybody needs to wake up from slumber and save the internet as we know it or we will have no source of real news left. The Internet 2 will be sold to us by making it a thousand times quicker that before and will circle the globe. Once this GRID is inplace however it will have the power to surveil everything in real time. Seriously though. How bloody fast does it need to be?


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