You know I am finding it hard to stay silent any longer on a lot of issues. I have half finished blogs written on so many interlinking topics that just got too big to publish because I knew you wouldn’t read them. The world is so much more complicated than we realise. There is a web of deceit in which we live and are supposed to believe. I don’t believe it though, and I can’t understand why more people don’t question it and just WAKE UP to the reality of the world

OK what can I do quickly to convince you? I could make a few statements like 9/11 was an inside job. I have a blog prepared but I wonder will anyone care. I could tell you that the current world recession is a planned operation between multinational bankers and oil companies and their friends in government to make a killing in the buying up of businesses who’s share prices fall to 10 % of what they were. Would you believe me. You should because it happened before in the 1920s and 1930s. We have also had planned wars to enrich the wealthy arms traders and oil traders and bankers of the world. We are about to have another one

Ok something simple. I have tried to steer you to the probability that 9/11 is an inside job. I will publish to back that up, but to help my difficult to convince British counterparts I will concentrate on the 7th of July bombings in London. I don’t need to to do any more research than is already out there so I will leave it to you to watch and learn and make your own minds up. Remember when you watch this that the 9/11 day shares the same,

1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, chance

of a training evcercise taking place on the same day in the same places as the London bombings, and also the Israeli embassy was pre-warned of the disaster in New york as they were in London and subsequently the only company that sent no employees to work that day was Jewish owned. Also remember that the Madrid train bombs were also miraculously on the same day as a training excercise as too were the Oklahoma bombings. This is too much. How fucking stupid do they think we are. WAKE UP EVERYBODY BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. YOUR GOVERNMENTS ARE KILLING YOU !

Watch Alex Jones’ video. It is only a first draft and is a little rough round the edges but you will get the picture

Remember too. Gordon Brown says the same things as Tony Blair, “a new world order” he says so often. Check out your statute book, you have no rights to protest anymore just like in the USA. The Lisbon Treaty will erase your right to be innocent till proven guilty and you can’t do anything about it because Gordon signed up in your name, just like the people in the states who now have homeland security and the Patriot act. You have to WAKE UP NOW AND STOP IT. The only man in England I have heard talk any sense is in the UK Independence Party. Look them up before it is too late, and Likewise in the States make Ron Paul your president if you don’t want to end up in a FEMA camp.

This has been going on for 200 years now since the Napoleonic wars. All sponsored for profit. There has been a huge accelleration in the 20th century, hence the USA has been at war with someone every year since world war two. We have had Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War 1, Afghanistan, Iraq 2, now Iran. All for profit. We even have the French shown this week as implicit in the start and completion of the genocide in Rwanda. The Brits and French in the provocation of the Suez crisis. The same culprits again and the USA and Germany funding the war between Egypt and Syria after WW2. The deliberate anexation of Pakistan from India by Britain when they gave self rule back and the subsequent use of Pakistan as a safe base for terrorism and destabilisation in the region. The usurping of governments in the mid east to put up western supporters in Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Kuwait etc etc.The killing of Benazir Bhuuto can also be linked

Every war means destabilisation of a region which enables western powers to maintain control over them. It also allows them to profit from war from their own taxpayers then gain the spoils from developing the resources of the conquered country. Look at Iraq, the plan to divide the oil fields between European and US oil companies was drawn up at least a year before the war started. The same thing is in planning for the Iran gas fields. WAKE UP ! and see what your governments are REALLY DOING in YOUR NAME !

The USA killed thousands on 9/11 and thousands more will die of asbestosis and cancer resulting from that day. Britain Killed 56 of its people on 7-7 and failed again 3 months later. Spain killed hundreds in Madrid. The results are over a million are dead in Afghanistan and Iraq to sieze their resources. Plus depleted Uranium bombs were used by the USA in the attacks resulting in the same birth abnormalities seen in Ukraine after the nuclear plant disaster. This was used in 1991 too in the Gulf war. Gulf War syndrome is the result of this and we will see another syndrome associated with this war. American soldiers children are already showing a high percentage of birth defects. as will British soldiers too. Check all these facts out and you will see they are correct

Last week the Israelis were overflying Iran and Iran responded with a show of strength with a missile test. Israel is now using Iraq air space. USA is building an $80 billion air base there. Is it any wonder that China and Russia are vetoing UN resolutions sponsored by the USA when they are on their doorstep hijacking local resources yet won’t endorse any UN resolutions against Israel? The USA tried to stage a “hostile act” against an American ship in the Straights of Hormuz last week but it didn’t come off because the internet community were all over it like flies comparing it to the false flag operation they pulled in 1964 in the same area to start a conflict. This means something bigger is going to be needed to start war with Iran

Dick Cheney has already had meetings on how to provoke it, all suggestions welcome. It was reported that the suggestion he was most interested in was to use navy seals to impersonate Iranian coast guard, using identical ships to attack US army, “expendible troops” he said. Make no mistake this is about the gas line Iran wants to build to india and China which would seriously impact on the gas line that Europe wanted to build from Iran to Turkey. WAKE UP. Stop supporting these murderous profiteers. Isn’t it the Bush and Bin Laden family together in the Carlysle Group who got all the rebuild contracts in Afghanistan. Isn’t it Cheney’s Haliburton who did the same in Iraq. Who gets Iran. Well BP got Oil rights in Iraq so Britain is just as complicit.

This has to stop. Wake up people. Vote these clowns out and try them before they impose Martial Law on you. The first people on the FEMA trains to the camps will be people like ME. People who said something before it happened. People who need to be SHUT UP. Where will you get your info then?

Oh Bollox read up yourselves and watch the vids and make your own minds up,. I can’t tell you to believe. Just stop believing the news on TV it is ALL LIES. We put the Shah of Iran in power because the Iranian elected leader stopped our access to develop the oil fields. Now we are doing it again. Remember 80% of all news media in the US is controlled by 7 Jewish CEOs of massive media corporations. No wonder the news is biased eh?

Now look
at the 7th of July bombings

Hope you got an insight I will post 9/11 blog soon as well as blogs on withheld technology, population control, vaccinations, suppressed health cures and polution free fuel, The central banks fraud, the history of sponsored wars, the concentration camps in America, the Majestic 12 Nasa and the secret space history, Free energy, The truth behind religion, and many more. You see I did do something with my time off. If I get the time of course. If I dont please WAKE UP and read for yourselves. And get out and support the resistance to these tyrants and put real people in control

Love you all and get with the Universal frequency


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