This is what happens when the Playstation generation grows up

They become soldiers without a concience.

Soldiers detatched from reality.

Soldiers in a game where people are supposed to just reincarnate like the game characters do

Soldiers who’s actions don’t have real consequences in their eyes

Soldiers who laugh at tragedy


Something from Medal of Honour perhaps?

A bit of Grand theft Auto maybe?


I couldn’t find the clip where they shot up a truck that passed them just like that with armour piercing bullets till it crashed and burned

Not sure about this game, it might have been on the xBox

A bit of Black Hawk down aswell

I think this shoot the civilians in their cars game must have been on game cube

This game is just so lame nowadays it must have been on the comodore 64 or something

So why are they there, well let one of them tell you why, cos he found out the hard way

Yep for no good reason that’s why, but what a cost

Well of course the prize is big and already the hand is in the till

They even say it themselves now, how shameless

And do you all realise that the technology already exists for the last 30 years to do away with oil completely. What the fuck is this world doing letting these oil and arms trillionaires control how we live?


2 Responses to “This is what happens when the Playstation generation grows up”

  1. Door32 Says:

    I wasn’t blaming games for war that would be daft. No I was trying to show how a generation dumbed down by video games become a different kind of soldier to the soldiers of my grandfather’s generation. From what he described there was almost a remorse involved in every trigger pull, not a joke and a laugh

  2. ♥ ♥abc Says:

    I read and watched the blog …very sad..didnt get why you had playstation in it !!…wars are going on all over the world for years, and playstation wasnt evented for the first lot ..but your end blogs said it all….so come on what can we do ?

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