Dropping like flies from SCD

On the news yesterday yet another young boy suddenly dropped dead on a football pitch here. That makes a dozen young boys in the last 2 years in Ireland. My boy is that age now and playing football. I don’t want to get a phone call or see my son collapse in the middle of a game so I am going to show you why it is happening and who is responsible for the deaths of these kids and adults alike because this is a long running worldwide phenomenum and it could happen to you or someone you love. So please read the whole blog because this is becoming the nation’s number 1 killer !

The culprit that all research points to is ASPARTAME

It is an artificial sweetener and is loaded into more foods and drinks than I could care to list. You may remember it under a trade name “Nutrisweet” but it is in many many others

It failed to get passed the US Food and Drug Administration the 1st time but please watch the following video and see how and by who’s hands it was pushed through and put on the market even though the harmful nature of the chemical were known.

Now please read from the following pages and included links to find out the full shocking effects of the substance. You may read at length at your leisure but you will get the main points quite quickly that this is killing MILLIONS of people EVERY year and is dumbing down the population in general because of brain and nerve damage




How could this be allowed to happen you may ask? Well take a look at this next video and you will see how the corporation that makes Aspartame uses it’s power to cover up the true health damage that their products cause and who is complicit in it.

It is hard for us to understand how people can have this complete lack of morality I know, but that is the calibre of men who are at the core of this virtual culling of the population by any means possible. Either by poisoning our foods or by war or by creating a new pandemic like bird flu or issuing contaminated vaccines for Hepatitis. One way or another huh.

The reason this all became so fresh today was also because this week it was announced again that the European Union is going ahead with the new Directive on food regulation as set down in the W.H.O. report. This will in effect mean that it will become ILLEGAL to buy VITAMINS and MINERAL suppliments. It will also become ILLEGAL to buy HERBS, which can even be stretched to things like garlic (watch out France)

There are also some interesting ideas and spins coming off of this that it is capitulation to the drug corporations to remove the competition of natural remedy from the shelves and put the MEDICAL cure into their control rather than the NATURAL prevention into ours. There are also some pretty scarey ideas on GM food and Iradiation and the use of Hormones (yes the very same ones in the video number 2), plus the use of anti-biotics (and the trusting what’s in a needle of “innoculation” from a government agency is not something I relish but that will be in another blog on HIV). Watch this

I attach the report if you have time, she’s right though, it is a “Trade Agreement” not a public health document and their website has everything for all to see. Our food will be controlled by big business not us.


I also read a previous report by the WHO. This is the report if you have time which was the 2003 WHO report which was the forerunner to the distorted version above


This 2003 report however actually reads well and pertains to an eat yourself healthy ethos as far as I could read from it. If I played devil’s advocate here I would say that the population is slowly killing itself through apathy and lack of will to eat properly or excercise, instead relying on junk food topped up with suppliments. Too many chronic illnesses are resulting and it is worsening. Therefore if they wont change voluntarily we could remove the suppliments and force them to eat healthy or DIE.

Now I took her claims with a pinch of salt so went to try and find where she got the 3 Billion figure from but I couldn’t locate it when I scanned the Codex report and couldn’t locate her source, but it may have been somewhere else, and I don’t doubt she has good sources because I have done some trolling around the net and found a lot of corroborating evidence for the depopulation model that has been espoused.

It goes all the way back to the NSSM 200 report that President Gerald Ford commissioned from Henry Kissinger that assessed future world trends in development, populations, power, food, industrialisation etc and it highlighted 13 nations that were at the time “Less Developed” which were then catagorised as a future threat to USA’s position of power in the world. The conclusion of the report was population reduction by any means possible. These were even listed as: war, famine, drought, disease, and general destabilisation

Here’s a background to the report.


and here’s the actual report


It was adopted as official US government policy the following year and was further cemented by the Global 2000 report in 1979

Subsequently the same ideas are championed by today’s members of the Commission for Foreign Relations CFR and the Bilderberg Group, which include all of the current administration bigshots and the incumbents plus many foreign leaders, bankers, industrialists. Also by Mr Rockerfeller, the man who owns the Federal Reserve (and therefore owns America)

This I have put in as an example of why we cannot trust the governments and the major private corporations in the food and health industries to care for our health and welfare. Why should they when they are in it for profit and the government is able to carry out the acts required in that NSSM200 report to retain power

So why should we trust them with these food regulations?

My concern has always been that if we are banned from supplimentary foods or preventative medicines and we are more and more reliant on processed food which has all the vitamin and mineral content removed and all food pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and chemical sweeteners. How are we going to stop ourselves deteriorating generation by generation?

This man describes the scenario very well using Dr Pottinger’s experiments with cats in the 1930s and 1940s and the signs are already there.

This one you should watch

This is a very serious subject. Personally I believe there is at best a “What will be will be” attitude to the lives and health of the worlds population from the major corporations and major western governments. At worst it would be a deliberate plot to cull us but I cant go that far yet. Can you?

Anyway all I want to do is make sure my son grows up healthy, and is not going to be nobbled by chemicals, bad food or bogus innoculations. So I want to know what the hell we can do to roll back this globalisation of control over us and this dictatorial style of government that we are getting in the US and Europe that takes away all the rights we used to have to JUST SAY NO!!

Please, any thoughts?

This site has dozens of links on Aspartame and it’s effects (including brain cancer) and what to do now.


PS Don’t drink that diet coke now


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16 Responses to “Dropping like flies from SCD”

  1. Door32 Says:

    Thanks Boo that was brilliant work
    The issues that bothered me were the breakdown of the structure of the molecule at temperatures into their toxins and the addictive nature of the substance

  2. Door32 Says:

    Boo thank you for such a researched argument

    I know who Farrakhan is and what he stands for but in the hunt for an example in film of what I was trying to say this was actually a good one regardless of who was saying it. That would be biased to disregard it just because of who is speaking

    I think your numerate percentage example will confuse a reader as it is so one sided suggesting only 3000 complaints will actually stick in peoples minds as a fact, I presume they were just arbitary numbers for ease of calculating it.

    The full concerns are read it goes beyond the alleged 490,000 deaths a year from SCD becoming USAs number one killer, there are also contentions that it is complicit in many other types of long term disease leading to death. The linked pages content obesity, asthma, diabetes, cancer, brain and nerve damage and possible links to the rise of autism and Altzhiemers. Much of it has yet to be accepted by the medical fraternity by I might say to you how long did we continue with Thalidamide before the medical comunity got the picture and wasn’t it only a few years ago they attempted to re-classify it as safe again.
    You have dealt only with Pottinger here so far and I think that the milk may be a red herring in that I was using the experiment only to show what malnutrition results in over generations. How it was achieved was irrellevent

  3. Bunny Boo Says:

    *And I meant ‘methanol, like ethanol’, before anyone tries to be a smart arse. x

  4. Bunny Boo Says:

    *wink* me again

    Also, you might want to look into the critical folate problem with ‘lifetime’ aspartame and related studies. The experimental design used by my-aspartame-experiment and others (regardless of rat species)is a simple control versus treated design, where aspartame was provided in the food at dosages from zero, through various dosages, to high values. Zero dosing served as the control, whereas the various doses served as the treated animals.

    It seems that methanol (and its oxidation products formaldehyde and formic acid) seem(s) to be the issue most frequently raised about aspartame, and that’s why there’s problems with the studies. Apparently, ethanol, like ethanol, alters the disposition of the vitamin folate, aka folic acid. Amongst the many ways they work, one is to enhance excretion of folate and hence deplete it over time. That makes the treated animals very susceptible
    to diseases of folate deficiency.

    Hence, as aspartame hydrolyzes to methanol, that methanol acts in a variety of ways to directly deplete
    and to otherwise also diminish availability of this critical vitamin. But this depletion and likely reduction of availability of other folate molecules occurs just in the treated group, not at all in the control group. So the design is imbalanced…and hence invalid?

    In the case of “my-aspartame-experiment”, folate deficiency was likely in her rats, as it was just in the treatment group that methanol-induced folate deficiency arose. Actually, her discovery of tumors would be expected.

    A bit of alcohol, a bit of aspartame, a bit of chocolate, a bit of cannabis…a little of what you fancy might not exactly do you good, but probably won’t harm a generally healthy adult who eats a varied diet and gets their fruit and veggies. Kids and some adults are more vulnerable and that’s fair enough.

    I’m going to look at pictures of kittens now.

  5. Bunny Boo Says:

    These anti-aspartame sites list a number of biochemical mechanisms as to how aspartame can cause harm. Most people don’t know enough about biochemistry to make sense of all these claims (but it certainly sounds convincing, doesn’t it?). For a counter-example, note that water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen – two flammable gases… what does that prove? That water is a dangerous substance? If so, there must be a conspiracy to cover it up, right? I’m not defending aspartame here – what I’m saying is that it’s very easy to generate and fuel pseudo-scientific claims. Researchers who submit to medical journals, on the other hand, are subjected to intelligent peer review – experiments must be detailed enough so that other researchers can duplicate the conditions of the experiment and thus independently verify the results. There is good reason why I trust information based on published medical research vs. information Joe Whoever prints up on his web site. There may be a kernal of truth to some of the claims that these sites mention, but that doesn’t justify the outright bias and hype. If aspartame is dangerous, doctors and researchers would want know as much as anyone else. I have no doubt that Monsanto/Nutrasweet (or any corporation) would attempt to lie and cover up scientific evidence in the name of profit. It happens all the time. The truth from a liar is still the truth. Wisdom from an idiot is still wisdom. I would tend to distrust the corporation that is selling something for profit, but I’m open-minded enough to listen to their arguments. In the case of aspartame, their arguments are in the form of the scientific studies done. If you can believe they falsified all this data, paid off literally dozens and dozens of Phd. researchers at major universities and medical centers…you may as well believe that everyone is out to get you! The “footprint” of a full blown cover-up would be much more messy, I would think. Manipulating data and paying off researchers would only go so far. Researchers are people, and you have to have a little faith in their humanity. If aspartame was truly dangerous (with 100 million users today), we wouldn’t need a web site to know it. Why would the majority of the medical establishment want to harm the general public? If there is a conspiracy, it must involve tens of thousands of doctors and researchers…

    The most sensible thing I’ve read is this:
    “I think that both these statements are true:
    You can consume aspartame without experiencing any side effects.
    Thousands of people experience side effects related to aspartame.

    Really, there is no contradiction. The scare sites deny the first statement. Nutrasweet denies the second. It doesn’t take a maths degree to realize that with, for example, thirty million regular aspartame users, three thousand reports of adverse reactions means 99.99% of the people using aspartame experience no side effects. I could be wrong, but I think this is a reasonable explanation of why most medical studies show aspartame to be safe while a small group of people are certain that it’s dangerous.

    If you’ve been consuming aspartame without any problems, chances are you belong to the large percentage of people who have no problem with it. If, on the other hand, you consume aspartame and have undiagnosed health problems, I strongly recommend you take the “aspartame challenge”: stop consuming all aspartame products for at least a few weeks and see if your symptoms are alleviated.”

    By the way Louis Farrakhan is someone you might like to look into, seeing as you’re posting his rhetoric (via a spokeperson) on your site. Just a thought.

  6. Bunny Boo Says:

    Regarding Pottinger’s cats, and just to be devils advocate:

    Applicability to humans?
    Although this particular Pottenger cat study has been cited by advocates of raw milk as evidence that it is likely healthier for humans than pasteurized milk, the scientific community does not affirm that inference.

    Cats are not used as surrogate test subjects for studies relating to humans due to significantly different metabolic mechanisms. Cats are true carnivores needing only meat in their diets, whereas humans are omnivores.
    One of the most significant and unusual aspects of the study is that the diet that included raw milk was also the only one containing a majority of meat (67% meat, 33% milk) whereas three of other four diets reversed the ratio (33% meat, 67% milk) and one was 100% milk. It’s critical to note that cats are obligate carnivores and need a diet that is solely meat to survive. Although they may consume it if presented, cats do not need or benefit from any type of milk after weaning. The abnormalities Pottenger noted as occurring in cats eating the other four diets are much more likely attributed to inadequate dietary meat content than differences in the health properties of raw milk vs. pasteurized milk. For some reason, Pottenger either did not include or did not publish a comparable study group using a diet of 67% raw milk and 33% meat.

    At the time of Pottenger’s Study the Amino Acid Taurine had been discovered but had not yet been identified as an essential amino acid for Cats. Today many cats thrive on a cooked meat diet where Taurine has been added after cooking. The deficient diets lacked sufficient taurine to allow the cat’s to properly form protein structures and resulted in the health effects observed. Pottenger himself concluded that there was likely an “as yet unknown” protein factor that may have been heat sensitive. This aspect shows adequately the importance of essential amino acids for pure carnivores like cats but does not contribute anything to the argument in favour of raw milk.

  7. Bunny Boo Says:

    Oh crap. I looked at the rats.

  8. Door32 Says:

    No Chelle you’ve just misunderstood my comment. It says that because you work full time and have a partner and a social life and a home, then you just don’t have the time to go researching everything so like everybody else, you are forced to trust the mass media to tell you when something is wrong. If they don’t then how are you to think any differently. That’s all

  9. Bunny Boo Says:

    Oh dear. I’m dead. Well seeing as I’m already fucked…*reaches for diet coke*

  10. Gone Says:

    Ithink it’s a bit patronising of you to say that I rely soley on the mass media for my information Door. As I said in my comment, I don’t read newspapers at all because i am well aware that they are full of shit. I do however read quite a few medical journals as part of my job and I have never come across this in any of them. Are these all part of the conspiracy too?

  11. Biscuit Bill Says:

    nah, being a man is great. so is having a femine side, it means i can shout ‘Take it bitch’ to the guy sucking me off while being sodomized. id recommend it but the gay community have standards.

  12. Door32 Says:

    Oh dear Bill
    (I know you already apologise profusely for being a man)
    Now from your comment I would guess…..
    You haven’t read anything have you
    You haven’t done any research at all
    You haven’t looked at any of the research carried out by doctors specialising in neurology and cancer
    You haven’t looked at the FDAs list of affects of Aspartame which include Death
    Actually maybe you shouldn’t bother either, just keep drinking the stuff

    But for everyone else who still has doubts here is a simple mainly pictorial Aspartame study that you could do yourself at home.
    The most important info is on page 7 so please at least read that


  13. Biscuit Bill Says:

    Aspartame, the silent killer. truly an evil chemi…oh, wait, youre simply talking shit again. next youll be telling us that caffeine is a secret plot by the feminazis(Tm) to emasculate all men.

  14. ***************** Says:

    I’m not sure i go for the whole cospiracy theory,but it did make thought provoking reading. I will come back and keep reading / watching bits of this blog.But i don’t allow my kids fizzy drinks and the like,but i suppose i ‘ll be a little more aware now.Does that mean i should stop the sweetners in my tea? *Looks over to mug*

  15. Door32 Says:

    It’s because Yyou are too busy to research yourself so you rely on the mass media to do it for you. Unaware of course that the mass media is owned too and therefore will never tell you. The corporations own the government so they wont tell you either. The only truth left is the internet until the domain owners start censoring it (it has started)

  16. Gone Says:

    *eyes up lunch box with suspicion* Oh fuck! How come this is the first I’ve heard of this?

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