NO ! NO ! NO !

On Thursday Ireland was the only country of the 27 countries allowed by their governments to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty is in fact exactly the same document as the European Constitution which was voted down by the French and the Dutch people 2 years ago.

This time they were not allowed to vote so it has been left to us here in Ireland to save Europe from a Federal Government We did not let down the French and Dutch and any other peoples who have been denied their democratic right to vote.

The result was a resounding NO ! (the third NO on this document now) even though ALL the main political parties here, representing 96% of the electoral vote, campaigned for a “yes” vote

There are many reasons why but the main reason for the “No” vote, I believe, is the utter contempt with which the politicians treated the people. They treated us like idiots, like children who wouldn’t understand and who shouldn’t ask questions. They gave not one reason to vote “yes” apart from “if you don’t we will suffer consequences” (without saying what they might be). They simply tried to scare us into it because they had no good reasons.

On the other side there were well researched reasons why to vote “No” that the government countered simply by saying “that’s not true”.

There are many very worrying issues at stake in the Treaty which remove your ability to set your own laws and taxes and revert authority to the un-elected European Commission, President and Courts above the laws of your own country. European foreign policy and use of the Army will be decided by the EU.

The most worrying issue of all however is that the concept of habeas corpus will be diluted or removed. This is your right to seek release from illegal detention by the authorities. This will happen because there is a clause in the treaty to ratify “preventative detention” across the EU. This means you can be held in detention without charge or access to legal channels in much the same way as the Bush Administration has done in Guantanimo Bay in Cuba holding hundreds of people there for years, none of whom has been found guilty of anything. Do we want this in Europe? In fact the US supreme court has this week narrowly (1 vote) overturned this procedure being used in the USA and allowed them to challenge their detention

This is a cracking speach by a UK Independant MEP and puts the scenario as simply as possible. The end of the piece shows the huge protest that took place inside the chamber that some quarters of the parliament tried to cover up.

The next piece here highlights how the document is a re-hash and how information was suppressed because it would adversely effect the vote on the treaty

The most sinister thing about this is that Ammendment 32 to the treaty was voted down meaning that even though Ireland votes “No” to the treaty, the EU will not respect that decision and try to implement the changes anyway

Take a look at how power is being corrupted in the everyday workings of the European Parliament

The treaty doesn’t specifically implement everything yet but it is self ammending without the need for further consultation and gives the Commission “Legal Status” and hence will become “Our Government”. So do not be surprised if down the line we end up with a European ID card which is GPS trackable.

This is all on the table both here and in the USA where they are even talking in terms of ID chips inserted into the body (hand) which would be trackable and also replace money. A plan and agreements have already been signed for the establishment of a North American Federation of Canada, USA, Mexico.

So Where do you think this whole globalisation is going guys? huh? I will let you decide, it isn’t hard to work out.

Everybody needs to do some research and get mobilised and get vocal before you have no rights and no freedom left


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  1. ♥ ♥abc Says:

    I voted no no no

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