Mankind is trying to wipe itself out again

Do you think they will catch on before it’s too late this time?

It has been said that once the bees are gone our food chain will be devastated and humanity will only last 4 years following the bees’ demise. Since November 2007 more than a billion bees have “disappeared” ! What is causing this and how can we stop it?

Listen to this radio program and you may see the seriousness of the situation, and what might be done to stop it. It may also open your mind to questioning everything you thought you knew about existence and how the universe actually works.

Things like :

The structure of the universe and how everything in it is connected

The earths place in it and in turn our own

Do we need to tune in to the natural order to survive

The origins of matter

The existence of deities

Harmonics and tortion fields

Their use in limitless energy, cold fusion, anti gravity, space propulsion

The relevence of the earths coming alignment with the galaxy centre

The completion of the earths 26,000 year wobble

The ability of ancient cultures to predict this, where did the knowledge come from, was there interference in earths development

What will happen on 21st December 2012, is it catastrophic or a new conciousness

The morality of the ruling or business classes

What are the motives of the governments in witholding/suppressing technology

There are a million other questions that can arise out of this broadcast but the most pressing is will we do anything to solve the bee problem

As an update the problem seems to be bigger than this broadcast knew at the time and has spread globally and into natural hives too

Listen to the radio broadcast in the order shown below. You may want to take a couple of nights to get through it but once you are through the first two you will find your mind has so many questions you just have to keep listening. Further research will throw up some very interesting theories and new science.–wkS97_k&feature=related

I hope you stretch your minds on this one


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5 Responses to “Mankind is trying to wipe itself out again”

  1. Pork_Purse Says:

    Yet again this ‘could’ be yet another problem caused by greed!
    The strange phenomenon CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) has been thought to derive from IAPV (Israeli Acute Paralysis) this viral DNA was hailed as a major breakthrough in science.
    However, bees are known to have latent viruses which only become problematic when the bees immune system is shot just as in humans when we are run-down!
    In 2007 bees pollinated the trees that supply 80% of the worlds almonds. The orchards earned the state of California more than $1.9bn…It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to go figure!!!

  2. **Lost In Thought** Says:

    It is interesting that you mention all this because I have been reading up on alot of interesting things……including the 2012 theory and there are alot of things that quite frankly you can’t dispute as ridiculous or trivial. There are alot of interesting posts on several things…….including the one after this that you’ve posted. I’ll have to find the youtube i was viewing to explain…. I have a neighbour who has bees. Bees are a huge commodity right now and are being stolen n traded on the black market due to the severe shortage of the “right” bees. Most are being killed off by a virus that seems to be unknown on how to stop and then of course there was an issue with a mite that invaded the hives as well. Unless people actually investigate themselves further into some things they won’t really understand the magnitude of several things as they unfold today………but – true to human nature – to blindfold or put on rose coloured glasses is the preference of today’s society. Just listen to what they want to hear or see what they wish to see and be damned with finding out the truth for themselves. I am ranting now lol…….i’ll shush! (hug for the blog)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Haagen Daz is posting big adverts about the demise of the bee over here. They are good adverts. May I suggest you visit their website.
    Here’s the link:
    Is your first respondent serious?

  4. oh! kate Says:

    I have not watched any of these – yet. But in keeping with your bee theme: my father was here last night, and he was in a tizzy because he had to hand pollinate his strawberries this year. There were no bees.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah stretched mine all the way to the pub ! Let the men in white deal with it ,
    You wasted an evening of typing and thinking to much, when you should have being out enjoying what was left of it before its demise.We are going to die and it shall not bother us then ,so i can’t see the point!.

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