Microsoft vs AppleMac war rages on

Yes the age of battle between PC and Mac has taken a new twist in each company’s desire to control future technological markets

Here we see the latest prototypes from each company for the new line in Cyborg pets

PC Mac cats

As you can see Microsoft have come up with a feline called the PCat (left) whereas the Apple version (right) is known as the MACat

The staff at Computer Geek Weekly magazine have been given the exclusive rights to test run and review the prototypes in their mum’s basement

After extensive testing it was found that the PCat was a little bulky and slow and because of its lack of self propulsion it required a number of add-ons. A length of string was needed to drag it around the room. It also had a tendency to fall asleep for no reason

The MACat was more compact and comes in a range of body colours. The nifty little wheels were a plus point as it could negotiate it’s own way around the furniture in the basement although it got stuck at the interface of the lino and the carpet

All in all the MACat was a superior prototype and we hear in the pipeline Apple are developing the” iLegs” but it could be some years away. However word in the business world is that Microsoft have already done a deal with the world’s main hardware producers to exclusively produce their own verson. So you may want to buy that ball of string and floor polish if you are in the market for one of these pets


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8 Responses to “Microsoft vs AppleMac war rages on”

  1. oh! kate Says:

    Crap! What time is it there?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Stoopid boy!

  3. oh! kate Says:

    ok Sweets. Sleep well.

  4. oh! kate Says:

    So how are you, anyway? I’ve ended up being a bit busy this weekend.

  5. oh! kate Says:

    Where are you collecting comments this evening?

  6. **Lost In Thought** Says:

    oi…….lots of cat talk in this blog……hmmmmmmmmmm Phil Istine isn’t in my phonebook? u got lots o’er there? must be irish? or is he Brit?

  7. oh! kate Says:

    haha! Yes, and the blog too!

  8. oh! kate Says:

    Very cute.

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